Are you wearing your face mask correctly?

With the emergence of this outbreak, many of us are quarantined in our homes. Being at home all these weeks without stepping outside can be difficult. If cabin fever does not create the need to step outside, then restocking your well-needed quarantine essentials should be enough to persuade you to face the outer world. When heading out we hold on to two essential rules for this pandemic: make sure to social distance and wear a face mask.

Wearing a face mask has become part of our duty to not just protect ourselves but to do our part in the protection of others. Various elected officials have declared this a state-ordered practice. In New York, Governor Cuomo has made wearing masks a must when social distancing cannot be performed. With orders such as this, many people have adapted to this new safety precaution.

In case you have not noticed the memes, people have found many interesting ways to wear their face masks. If you look hard enough you will find many of these creative styles. Having the face mask rest around your neck does not give you the protection you need from the coronavirus. Other ways of wearing the masks such as covering the mouth while hanging it below the nose is a common mistake of how to wear it.

Wearing a face mask correctly is not simply having the bands rest around your ears, but also having the cloth portion properly placed around your nose and mouth.  The bottom of the mask should fall right below your chin. A comfortable fit and protection from COVID-19 are most important when ensuring you are wearing your mask properly.

Many people make incorrect choices on how they wear their face masks because of the quality of the mask. If you have discomfort with the elastic band around your ear, then it can prove difficult to keep the mask on. Having a mask cover both your nose and mouth can be difficult when the mask does not have the right fabric for optimal breathability. Fit matters as well, as some masks may be too small for those with longer faces, not providing the chin coverage needed. Lastly, we may worry about how we would look styling an unappealing medical mask with our many outfits which might hinder our choices.

If you are having any of these issues when looking for a mask there is still hope. You no longer need to struggle to find a mask that forces you to choose between protection, comfort, and fashion. “Your Simple Accessory” has the right selection of masks that provides all three. Each of our masks is washable, reusable, and contains three layers of added protection, while still giving you the breathability you need.


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